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Magi-Cam workshops allow participants to create exciting artworks and animations using recycled materials. Workshops can be tailored to suite any theme and can be carried out in many spaces and environments. Completed films are uploaded to youtube so they can be enjoyed long after the event!

All staff hold current CRB checks & have over 10yrs combined film and community workshop experience.

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    "This was a lovely event and well suited to the Big Screen. Lots of people
    engaged with the activity on the day, whether taking part or stopping to watch.
    The film was fantastic and has drawn much praise from colleagues!"

    Louise Angell - Screen Manager BBC Big Screens (Derby & Leicester)

    "I thought that it was amazing how we put the photos together
    to make a moving picture. I really enjoyed making the
    backgrounds and they looked brilliant in the finished film!"

    Lucy - 10 yrs

    "The finished film was AWESOME! Nobody got left out and
    everybody played a part. I really enjoyed everything
    and I liked learning how people make animations!"

    Jess - 10 yrs

    "It was an experience for the children to see what is involved in making
    an animated film. They had a lot of fun and there was great
    excitement in our house when we saw the completed film!"

    Deb - Parent

    "It was great to see so many taking part.
    The Magi-Cam team were enthusiastic and creative from the word go
    and this no doubt rubbed off on the people of Nottingham!"

    Eluned Shepherd - Nottingham City Council

    "It feels like a game when you are actually shooting the film
    because you've only got 20 seconds to make your adjustments
    and then you have to leap off the set! - The time just flies by!"

    Jack - 11 yrs

    "The Magi-Cam team were enthusiastic about the project right from the start.
    Over the course of the day they encouraged lots of people to get involved
    and engaged in the activity, made apparent by the brilliant end result!"

    Laura Hailstone - Events Manager, Leicester City Council

    "Just a note from us here at LOCOG to say how much we enjoyed this film!
    It's a fantastic use of the live site in combination with the BBC Big Screen.
    A great day of creativity!"

    Feedback from LOCOG regarding the Olympic Film

    "The children had an excellent afternoon with the Magi-Cam team.
    They are really proud of the results and were amazed to
    see how good the film looks!"

    Caroline - Parent